You are greater than who you are right now,there’s too much inside of you. Cultivate, grow and develope yourself so the best you can emerge. There comes a man who want to harvest yam,and clear his yard in expectation for yam and saw Weed.So he was surprise and ask why weed instead of yam?and was told that he didn’t plant yam,then he said I did not plant Weed either?You don’t need to plant weed for it to grow but you need to plant seed for a harvest. Weeds don’t need permission as long there’s space it thrive.There are things you don’t want in life but as a result of you not cultivating the things that you have, the things you don’t want sprang-up like the weed;if you don’t use your time to do the needful something else will.Don’t make where you are coming from nor where you are an excuse for not fulfilling your destiny. Once again don’t don’t give up and keep developing yourself until the best you emerge.
 You are more than what they say you are,there is too much inside of you waiting for cultivation, development and nurturing.WHAT ARE YOU DOING,YOUR PAST IS GONE AND YOUR FUTURE IS WAITING.

The You

Your words is rated by your action not by your words.Your action depict your words.Your action judges your words.Your words are powerful but your action is you,words flows and action stays.Words are more but action depict a thing.Action speak for itself.words take,action do.for every action there’s a corresponding reaction.what you do says it all.


some things are learnt while some are caught.Your attitude is your response without saying anything.It’s your response on how you see things.And your believe forms your attitudes,attitude is you not just your response.The difference between obstacles and opportunities lies in your attitude.It’s your mood at every instance.                              Some environment you find yourself just have a way conditioning your behavior,that you don’t need anyone to tell you first to do the needful and behave yourself.

The You

Good things comes to the prepared and not for those who just wait on people.Apostle Paul said it thus”having done all stand”.What have you done that you’re waiting,opportunities comes to everyone but when not prepared you just can’t visualise it as one.Haven’t you see nor heard of people turning down opportunities that seems really great to you and you start thinking that if you are in their shoe you all grab it with an open harms. The future is too great for the unprepared;for the deposit inside of you is too great not to be harness either, so do whatever you can in improving and equipping yourself because there are opportunities everywhere that you just can’t comprehend it as you ought to when you aren’t prepared.Preparedness brings a kind of confidence and awareness in you about opportunities around.Do what’s right at all time and right things will begin to happen for you.